what inspires you

Good evening readers! 

I would like to share one of my favourite summer looks!

my motivation in style - nature - architecture - minimalism -

since I have moved to Berlin I started exploring new places in the city from time to time.

tshirt - all saints
shorts - asos
bracelet - rokenbau
shoes - nike 


top 5 looks

Hello, I was recently inspired by Social Print Studio to create a post of my "my top 5 favourite looks" from the past. Using my looks to create custom photo books, it is a great way to create a lookbook. Social Print Studio - family alike company which looks after their customer. Check them out if you feel like printing some unforgettable memories! I fancy their main concept to manufacture our own memories in a tangible way. To be honest, They reminded me of how happy I am to have my blog. Every blog post has its story to tell. Likewise, this blog is a little part of my life. my top 5 looks:





So let's jump into my style. I started blogging because it seemed to be entertaining. During my style growth, I started collaborating with designers and from that point all blogging begin to bring me even more joy. I love having a style - it is one of the ways I could express myself! Just a few weeks ago scrolling Tumblr I found this sentence - " I look the way I look because of the way I think". I just couldn't agree more. I can clearly say that not only my mind developed, but also my own sense of style.

 Currently, I am living as a minimalist. I don't need a lot of clothes. Probably you would be surprised to how compact I can be. So what I need? Well, most likely you would find a basic set of clothes hanging in my wardrobe. I love having a basic black T-shirt, a pair of slim black pants and a pair of Dr. Martins. The set is super simple, yet it makes me feel - just me. Sometimes I try to wear something really different. But for example, very long white shirts in a few seconds makes me feel uncomfortable. And then at that moment I realise that this apparel is not for me. It just feels like that I am trying to prove something to someone, then the only person who needs my approval is myself. I do like trying new things, but it needs a right moment to match me, I guess. Basically my inspiration is a mix of urban and minimalistic city life. I would say I am living a decent and simple life which reflects in my style.

Not to mention that one of my values is quality. It is very important what I am wearing/ of what fabric it is made of/ how material contacts my skin and fits my body shape. You can feel the quality that enriches my understanding of what I wear. Even though the quality is clear when you meet great designers - totally new experience of wearing well thought/designed clothes.

Stay always true to yourself and the style comes along with you.
Greeting to everyone from Berlin ! cheers!


Just before the heat strikes earth

// Hello people! 

// long time no hear. I am happy coming back to blogging.
This time shortly. I just wanted to present this beloved Winter coat from OAK NYC.
Now it is Spring and no more coats for upcoming months.

// Stay tuned and c u later!

shoes - Dr. Martens
pants - Zara





Good evening! 

Today I present you my sporty/casual look. Perfect wearing when it's not too cold and not that hot outside. Sometimes I just wear real comfy stuff in a daily basis. 

This time I really want you to encourage to check this awesome lithuanian brand DOBshop. The owner makes real good design and the most important thing is that items are handrafted. So you can make a unique handbag just for you. 

Stay tuned! cya! 


last summer days

Hello everyone,
today I am presenting this real summer look which I really like. 
Summer is over, but atleast we can enjoy those last summerish days.

And as well you can see my hair gets longer so soon I am planning to have some changes or 
I will keep growing cause somehow I am quite curious too see how patient I could be with long hair.

Cya! And stay tuned! 


Sunglasses - RayBan
T-shirt - Zara
Shirts - Zara
Shorts - H&M


empty mind

Good day !
Today I am sharing with you really this simple look.
Somehow I do love white plane T-shirts. 


During hot summer days a man's bun is problem solver/ when you don't wanna waste time on some hmaking a haircut cause during the day heat will ruin all yur work.
It looks pretty neat and goes well with many looks.
Stay tuned!


T-shirt - ZARA
P-ants - ZARA
B-racelet - ROKENBAU
S-shoes - DR. MARTENS


easy flow

Guten Tag!

So I am living in Berlin around a month. Time goes really fast, seems like I am here a year or even more. during my stay I found some time to shoot a look of mine, but this time more in a sporty way.
Hope you like it and for all my readers I wish to have a great weekend! Cya! 


T-shirt - H&M
Shorts - H&M
Backpack - Eastpak
Shoes - Nike